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Bring on the quirks…..

March 4, 2009



1. a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism: she is full of quirks.

Yes, I agree. Quirks, so beautifully hidden during day to day life, make a brilliant and impressive surfacing during dating and times of exhaustion. Or at least, they do for me. And the thing about dating is that, play your cards right and you’ll get both the date and the exhaustion (read: the morning after) to contend with. Lets be honest : the best dress ever created does very little to hide the fact that, the minute I take off my boots, you’re assailed with the thick wool, lime green and yellow socks that I’m wearing. And yes, I knit them myself.

The thing about quirks is that we try to pass them off as endearing personality traits. I have perfected a sweet if not somewhat blank smile which essentially says “please find this adorable and not as weird as I know it is”. After a few drinks as well, I gain a strong sense of confidence in my quirks – I become proud of them, displaying them like child in their first ballet performance – I would take pictures if I could.

I spent a few years in the fashion industry – an industry that loves the bizarre and accepts nothing less than macabre. I just wasn’t weird enough for them.

I had none of the following:
a) a bizarre and highly ironic haircut which deserved much explaining about your intense and somewhat incestious relationship with your own personal stylist.
b) a lover of the same gender or an alternate gender for that matter who had had lovers of the same gender in the past and would talk about it at great length over a tired glass of red wine.
c) the ability or confidence to pass off something that I knew was completely ridiculous with a flippant toss of my head calling it art and fashion. I knew when things were silly.
d) The frame (physical or personality) to impose upon a room my eternal and overwhelming importance.
e) a highly itemized list of ever evolving quirks which both outweighed and scoffed at the things that other people dared call quirks.

In other words, I just wasn’t weird enough to fit into the fashion world and a bit too quirky to be concidered mainstream. This is a very interesting position to be in – take me out on a date sometime, give me a glass of wine and let me show you how exactly.



March 2, 2009


The hipster. The anti-cool is the new cool. The angst filled, plaid wearing purveyors of trend. The perpetrators of nonsense and hypocritical fashion.

The wearers of fantastic glasses.

Deep down, I adore men in ironic glasses. To myself, I often call them “spectaculars” and have a little giggle. Then, I hope no one noticed. And then I usually feel a little strange, not like the time when we were naked in bed and you asked me when the last time I had sex was and I answered mid October because I’m honest – not strange like that, but more like when you notice a girl on the sky-train with absolutely gigantic hands and a tiny little head and you can’t look away but you know that you’re being rude – yes, awkward like that.

oh spectaculars…..