The hipster. The anti-cool is the new cool. The angst filled, plaid wearing purveyors of trend. The perpetrators of nonsense and hypocritical fashion.

The wearers of fantastic glasses.

Deep down, I adore men in ironic glasses. To myself, I often call them “spectaculars” and have a little giggle. Then, I hope no one noticed. And then I usually feel a little strange, not like the time when we were naked in bed and you asked me when the last time I had sex was and I answered mid October because I’m honest – not strange like that, but more like when you notice a girl on the sky-train with absolutely gigantic hands and a tiny little head and you can’t look away but you know that you’re being rude – yes, awkward like that.

oh spectaculars…..


One Response to “Spectaculars….”

  1. CB Says:

    where can i buy these???

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