This is for you

This is for you just like it is against you. Like morality and the perpesity of a dollar, when he says “I don’t’ have a cellphone, I just hollar” and they say he’s crazy but I think his vision is just a bit hazy but really I think he see more straightforward than the majority and if you don’t like what I’m saying, all I can say is I’m sorry. This is for you who came early and for you who stayed late and for you who, even in your altered state sang a song that serenaded me home. And this is for me cause I took the long way home. And this is for you who moves me like ten thousand bricks from the great wall of china would be moved if they could be moved, like the glaciers proved that everything crumbles. Everyone fumbles thats how we learn to walk and talk and reject all of those thoughts that aren’t our own. Those seeds once sown take root somewhere deep down solid inside of us, reaches toward the sky as if to say “look how I’ve grown” This is for you who taught me how to take my words and trip up the tongue ties, making them think that they’d been lied to, then unravelling slowly, making it true. This is for you who moved me, like your hands used to move on my body, steadily. And this is for everyone that every used their words to circumvent sorrow and this is for yesterday that pressed ever forward until it could say “hey, I’m tomorrow” Yeah, this is for you.


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